Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College commenced publication of a biennial Technical Journal in 2010 to disseminate information spanning the entire spectrum of engineering and technology. We envisioned that this activity will help unleash the creative potential of technical community and provide a credible platform to receive professional recognition. Our journey through this arduous path has been a satisfying effort. We have sustained interest and support of the country’s Technical community.

The Journal aims to provide platform to researchers, academicians, developers, industry experts and authors interested in state-of-the art and state-of-the-practice activities via publishing their research-based papers, articles and case studies on topics of current concern in the areas of engineering branches, namely electrical engineering, electronics, communication technology, instrumentation and measurement, information technology, computers, mechanical engineering, robotics and allied disciplines.

Our source of articles mainly comprises the faculty teaching in Engineering Colleges across the country. Process of publication of the Journal is supervised by IIT-background professionals with impeccable credentials. The articles are blind-peer reviewed and published following internationally-accepted IEEE style as the format for publication. Printed on art paper, the Journal with ISSN number 0975-9514 is currently running in its Ninth volume. To begin with we had planned the Journal at the national level. Gradually, the contributions started coming from overseas Universities and we converted it to an international journal.

To recognize the invaluable Intellectual contribution made by professionals in advancing the noble cause of dissemination of scientific and engineering knowledge, all published articles since Volume 7 of the “AKGEC International Journal of Technology” are being suitably rewarded. A prize of Rs.5,000 is being paid to the paper adjudged the best for each issue. For the balance, an amount of Rs.2,500 per article is earmarked.

Dr. R. K. Agarwal
B.Tech (IIT Kanpur), M.S. (CIT, Cranfield, UK) and PhD (IISc Bangalore)

Dr. R.K. Agarwal has an exceptionally brilliant academic background with B.Tech from IIT Kanpur, M.S. from CIT, Cranfield, UK and PhD from IISc Bangalore. During his illustrious career of nearly three decades in the Indian Air Force and Defence Research & Development Organization (DRDO), he has held various key appointments including Chief Engineering Officer of an Operational Base, Director (Engg) at Air HQ and Project Director at Centre for Airborne Systems. His vast managerial, administrative, research and academic experience includes teaching assignments at Air Force Technical College and nine years of pioneering R&D work on the prestigious AWACS project in DRDO. He has also been a member of the Aeronautical Research & Development Board (ARDB) panel for approval and review of sponsored research projects at various centres of Excellence established at IITs and CSIR Laboratories.

He is the recipient of the coveted Royal Aeronautical Society (UK) award for academic excellence at CIT and a citation with cash award by DRDO for his contribution to the design and development of Airborne Early Warning aircraft, culminating in its maiden flight.

After taking voluntary retirement in 2004, Dr. Agarwal decided to contribute in the field of technical education and has been the Director of Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College (AKGEC), Ghaziabad since then. He has been persistently working towards setting new benchmarks in academic excellence as well as industry–academia interface to make the students globally competitive and employable. During his tenure, the college has not only been consistently maintaining exceptional results and placements but has also made significant progress in research and industry relevant consultancy projects. A number of initiatives and collaborative ventures with eminent multi-national companies have lead to establishment of many multi-disciplinary, high technology industry relevant facilities. These include India’s first Kuka Industrial Robotics Training Centre, NI-LabVIEW Academy, Bosch Rexroth Centre of Competence in Automation Technologies, Janatics Industrial Pneumatic Knowledge Centre and Mitsubishi Electric India. The college has also achieved the unique distinction of receiving the Academic Excellence Award for Best Engineering College in UPTU for two successive years under his able guidance.

He has also contributed in bringing about a culture of corporate social responsibility in academic institutions. The social activities initiated by him include running a free primary school in the college, adopting a municipal corporation school in a nearby village, providing tuition fee subsidy to children of class IV employees, donating computers to spread computer literacy and generously contributing for relief work after natural calamities. Involvement in these activities makes the students conscious of their civic and social responsibilities. He places special emphasis on all round development with focus on inculcating self-discipline, good moral values, ethics, work culture and a positive attitude to make the students not just competent professionals but also good citizens and responsible members of the society.

His wide ranging experience, vision and dynamism have infused inspiration and provided a road map for academic institutions to achieve the zenith of excellence in all fields of activities.

Dr. R.K. Agarwal’s extraordinary inspiring-vision catapulted AKGEC to numero uno position for all time to come. He took the momentous decision in 2010 to launch this biannual publication to nurture creativity and encourage innovations. The journal received manuscripts even from overseas authors, earning accolades from research community worldwide.

Dr Ranjit Singh
B.Tech, M.Tech & Ph.D (IITK)

Dr Ranjit Singh (b. 17 Aug 1948) obtained B.Tech, M.Tech. and Ph.D degrees from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur in 1969, 1971 and 1975 respectively specializing in the area of Electronic communication circuits and devices.

Currently, he is Editor-in-Chief of the ‘AKGEC International Journal of Technology’, which is running in ninth volume.

Published large number of technical papers in IETE journals in addition to in-depth technology-reviews covering emerging trends in Communications and information technology. He was Editor at IETE during 1975-1987; Technical Editor at ‘Telematics India’ during 1987-2001; Editor of Industrial Purchase journal during 2002- 2008.

He has abiding passion for teaching and research. Guided 10 M. Tech and 2 PhD scholars besides supervising 15 B.Tech projects. Delivered Keynote address on ‘Mobile Computing’ in Feb 2014 at Annual Convention of JIMS.

He is Life Fellow of the IETE and attended international conferences held in France, Singapore, USA, Hong Kong and Nepal. Daily practices advanced ‘Art-of-Living’ meditation. Also associated with ‘Amway’ and Insurance sector.

Contact Details : +91 9868041558
Email Id : editor_journal@akgec.ac.in, akgec.ece@gmail.com

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Journal July-Dec 2013

AKGEC Journal of Technology
July-December 2013 Vol. 4, No.2 ISSN 0975-9514
S No. Content
1 New Trends in High Speed Networking.
Dr. S.C. Gupta
2 Online Monitoring Inside a Building Based on Energy Efficient Wireless Sensor Network.
Himanshu Sharma and Vibhav Kumar Sachan
3 A Review on Multi Objective Optimization of Drilling Parameters Using Taguchi Methods.
K. Lipin and P. Govindan
4 A Novel Design of Compact 2.5GHz Fractal Antennas.
Nehya Chaudhary, Sonika Sindhiya and Dr. K.K Tirpaathi
5 Infrastructure for IP Networks.
Manjit Singh
6 Study of Indian Power Sector for Planned Power Capacity.
Rajiv Kumar Singh, Suresh K.Choudhary, Dr. IPS Paul and Raj Kumar
7 FPGA Realization of Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory Controller.
Dipa Nitin Kokane
8 Relationship between Mathematics and Physics: A Fresh Perspective.
Dr. Aniruddh Singh
9 Low Cost Automatic Door Closure.
J. S. Kushawaha
10 Quality Monitoring and Control: A Key to Success.
Prachi Sharma and Dr. Rajiv Kumar Gupta
11 Financial Inclusion: Issues and Challenges.
Akhil Damodaran
12 Design and Analysis of Multiband Microstrip Antenna Array.
Sonika Sindhiya, Nehya Chaudhary and K.K Tripathi

Journal Jan-June 2012

AKGEC Journal of Technology
January-June 2012 Vol. 3, No.1 ISSN 0975-9514
S No. Content
1 Sustainable Bio-diesel Development Strategies in Fossil-Driven Economy of Nigeria
O.D. Samuel
2 Hybrid BAFEC/CHARQ Method for Wireless Video Streaming
Faezeh Sadat Mozneb
3 Architectural designs and Constructability Issues
Eng. Ali Akbar Kamar and Dr. S. S. Pimplikar
4 A Study of Advances in Maintenance Management System in Industrial Plants
Dr. I.P.S. Paul and M. Kohle
5 Analysis of Direct Torque Control of PMSM Drive Using Different Inverter Topologies
Atul Sood, Anil Kumar Rai, Ritesh Sharma and K. K. Prajapat
6 Cache database: Introduction to a New Generation Database
Amrita Bhatnagar
7 Green Engineering Is the Best Fit When Approaches Nature’s Engineering Benchmark
Manvendra Tiwari, Sanjay K. Behera and R. S. Rohella
8 Durability studies on Steel Fibre Reinforced Metakaolin Blended Concrete
Dr. P. Srinivasa Rao, Dr Sravana, Dr Z. Abdul Rahim and Dr. T. Seshadri Sekhar
9 Quality in Engineering Education in Punjab
Col. Dr. D.S. Grewal
10 A Survey on Image to Text Detection Methodology
Sandeep Sharma and Jai Prakash
11 The Overview of New Trends in Hybrid Artificial -Intelligence and Control Techniques
Rajesh Namdev M.S. Bhadoria Aishwarya Yadav
12 A Study on Structural Stress Analysis of an Engine Cylinder Head
Dr. M. Lakshman Rao

Journal Jan-Jun 2011

AKGEC Journal of Technology
January-June 2011 Vol. 2, No.1 ISSN 0975-9514
S No. Content
1 FPGA Based Monitoring System for Heart Rate and Arterial Oxygen Saturation
Vandana V. Kale, Atika Jain and A.D.Rahulkar
2 Analysis of Adaptive Volterra Filters with LMS and RLS Algorithms
Amrita Rai and Dr. Amit Kumar Kohli
3 Elastance Co-efficient of the Intradural Vascular System in Human beings: A Modelling Study
Dr. Bhupal Singh, Prof. K.B Sahay and Prof. Sneh Anand
4 Theoretical Categorization of Interoperability in E-Government
Rajesh Chauhan and Dr. Amar Jeet Singh
5 Implementation of Image Processing Algorithm on FPGA
Abdul Manan
6 Attributes in JIT Purchasing
Sultan Singh and Dixit Garg
7 Power Market Design in India
J.P. Navani and Sonal Sapra
8 Hydrogen Production by Splitting Water in an Electrolyzer: A Computer Simulation Based Study
Dr. Aniruddh Singh
9 Modified Neural Networks for Face Recognition
Bhaskar Gupta
10 Power of Mobility
Manjit Singh
11 Benchmarking for Quality Technical Institutions
Col. Dr. D. S. Grewal
12 Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete Use in Construction
S.A. Eng. Pshtiwan N. Shakor and Prof. S. S. Pimplikar
13 Energy Optimization of Steam Turbines by Audit
M. Siddhartha Bhatt, Dr. I.P.S.Paul, I.P. Sharma and S.K. Choudhry

Journal July-Dec 2010

AKGEC Journal of Technology
July-December 2010 Vol. 1, No.2 ISSN 0975-9514
S No. Content
1 Advance Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks: A Review
Jyoti Singh and Pritee Gupta
2 A Survey of Short-range Wireless Communication Technologiesfor Embedded Systems
Divyang D. Vyas and Dr. H. N. Pandya
3 Performance Evaluation of Wimax Network Using Qualnet Simulator
Mitul R. Khandhedia, Prof. K.H. Wandra, Prof. D.N. Khandhar and Nirav R. Khandhedia
4 Facial Detection Using Multi-sensor Metaphors Based On Localized Core Eigen-spaces
C. Karthikeyan and Dr. B. Ramadoss
5 Constructing Compact Binary Decision Trees using Genetic Algorithm
Santosh Tiwari and Jaiveer Singh
6 Secure Data Dissemination over Web 2.0
Niyati Aggrawal
7 On the Performance of Network Coding and Channel Coding for Wireless Networks
Alpana Sahu
8 Steganography in Multimedia Messaging Service of Mobile Phones Using CDMA Spread Spectrum
Ritesh Pratap Singh and Neha Singh
9 Wireless Power Transmission for Solar Power Satellite
T.S. Hasarmani
10 To Neural Networks and Beyond
Dr Anil Kumar Ahlawat
11 Frequency Synchronization in OFDM a Bayesian Analysis
Inderjeet Kaur
12 Some Studies on the Permeability Behaviour of Self Compacting Concrete
Dr. Seshadri Sekhar. T, Dr. P. Sravana and Dr. Srinivasa Rao
13 An Efficient Algorithm for All Pair Optimized Shortest Paths
Dr. P K Singh and Rajendra Kumar
14 Dual Frame Motion Compensation Approach for Lossless Video Coding
Shailendra Bisariya
15 A New Method of Measuring Resistance
Dr. Aniruddh Singh