PEO1. PREPARATION: To guide students to complete their post graduates course and prepare them industry ready.

PEO2. CORE COMPETENCE: To make them competent to handle mathematical, analytical, financial and computer application tools for different applications of computer science and technology.

PEO3. BREADTH: To make them able to understand a broad range of topics to analyze, design and create novel products and solution for real life technical and organizational problems.

PEO4. PROFESSIONALISM: To inculcate professional and ethical attitude, communication skill and multi disciplinary approach

PEO5. LEARNING ENVIRONMENT: To provide academic environment with excellence, leadership and guidelines.


PO1 Apply the knowledge of mathematics & computer based techniques to achieve feasible solution to the problems of computer applications domain.

PO2 Identify & formulate complex computer based problems meeting valid conclusions using mathematics and computing science domains through research methodology.

PO3 Design and obtain solutions for complex computer based problems and design and evaluate systems, components, or processes that meet requirements with due consideration to society and environment.

PO4 To provide valid conclusions using research based knowledge and various research methods.

PO5 To learn modern latest techniques, tools and practices with their limitations for the process of software development.

PO6 To make students understand and commit to the norms of professional computing practices, professionals ethics and cyber regulations.

PO7 To develop the habit of self learning for continued career development to grow as IT professional.

PO8 To make students understand and apply computing & management principles as a team member or a leader to manage software projects.

PO9 To develop communication & professional skills to effectively conceive, design and develop software applications and associated practices.

PO10 To understand and analyze the responsibilities regarding society and environment in local and global contexts relevant to professional computing practices.

PO11 To infuse the ability to function effectively as a team member or a leader in multi
disciplinary environments.

PO12 To help students to identify opportunities to be a successful entrepreneur by adopting innovation skills.